Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Smoothie Accessories

I just found and purchased an adorable new travel cup for my smoothies Check it out here! I bought one in purple and one in orange, I couldn't decide on a color so I had to get both. Aaaannnd then of course if you spend $25 you get free shipping so I had to buy this as well for my desk. I needed it, I really don't drink enough water. Oh online shopping you will be the death of me.

As for the blender I use, well I have this champ that I purchased about 4 years ago, it still works like a charm and if I hadn't lost the blade to the food processor part I am sure that would still work well, too.
Side note: I had my smoothie at 8am and it is now 12:50pm and I am finally ready for lunch. I ate 16 RF wheat thins like an hour ago (WW really has helped me with my portion control, before I would have probably eaten like 1/2 a box) and I am just now hungry enough for lunch. My stomach just growled. I wish I had a blender at work, now that would be awesome... but such is life.

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