Friday, July 15, 2011

Peach Banana Smoothie and Vacation News!!!!!

1 cup light plain soy milk (2)
3/4 cup peaches, frozen (0)
1 banana, cut into chunks and frozen (0)
1/3 cup FF vanilla yogurt (1)
1 scoop low cal vanilla protein powder (2)
1/4 cup water (0)

Layer ingredients in blender in order shown and blend til smooth.

Yield: 1 | 5p+

Apparently my protein powder didn't make it into my picture this morning, oops!

So as of tomorrow I am officially on VACATION!!!! I will be returning next thursday from a 5 night camping adventure at Yosemite. So no more new smoothies until then. I am however, going to use this time away to come up with some new ideas. I really want to start incorporating new ingredients. I think some citrus zest and maybe even some vegetables might be on the menu for when I return so please, come on back!

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