Friday, July 29, 2011

Banana Cream Pie Smoothie

1 cup light plain soy milk (2)
1/3 cup FF vanilla yogurt (1)
1 banana, frozen or not (0)
1/4 package FF SF banana cream pie pudding mix (0)
1tsp vanilla (1)
1 1/2 (3 squares) graham crackers broken up  (1)
1 scoop low cal vanilla protein powder (2)

Layer ingredients in blender in order shown and blend til smooth.

Yield: 1 | 7p+

I doubled this recipe this morning, like I do most mornings actually, and gave the other half to my boyfriend. He took one drink and said this is his favorite one I have made so far! The graham crackers are not in the original picture because I had that stroke of genius after I had already taken the first one. Do add the graham crackers, for only 1p+ the texture and deliciousness they add is totally worth it! Enjoy :)

A little weight update:
So I don't know if my scale is messing with me or what is happening but after a 2.6 pound gain last week I dropped 7.6 lbs on the scale this morning. I have been making really good food choices lately and I have been at a plateau for about a month so I think all my hard work finally caught up with me! I am going to go to the gym this weekend and a couple times next week to ensure these pounds stay off. Total weight loss to date: 32.2 pounds!!!! Just 17.8 pounds til goal, woooooooo!!!!!!!!!


  1. good job!! Great idea about the pudding stuff they have so many flavors you can work with. Since you dont use the whole package how long can they last open?? do you know

  2. I actually just put the rest of the package in a little zipoc and they stay good for a really long time. I just used a cheesecake one I opened a few weeks ago this morning and it is just as delicious. I am going to the store right now so I am gonna stock up on the jell-o things and try to come up with some new flavors!!!

  3. First let me say I am so excited about finding your blog. I have been searching for a smoothie site that works with the points plus so thank you for that.

    Then I am so inspired by the weight you have lost. I have been in a lazy mode and have pretty much not followed plan. So to see that it can be done I thank you thank you thank you!

    Last thing is do you have to put in the protein powder? I mean will it change the taste or texture?

  4. Hi Cynthia!

    Thanks for all the awesome compliments. I am trying to get back into making smoothies and am currently doing research to find some new ideas. So there will be more to come in the near future!

    I like to add the protein powder to keep me full for longer but you can definitely leave it - less points is always a good thing!


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