Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Pineapple Mango Banana Smoothie

Hey all! So I am finally back with some great new ideas. Here is one that is so delicious. I will give you warning though, it is quite tart, likely due to the large amount of plain Greek yogurt. My mango was a little under ripe, if you were to use a really ripe mango it might help but if you make this as is, don't be expecting anything sweet. You could always add a packet or 2 of splenda to sweeten things up.

So, nearly all of my previous smoothies had protein powder in them. While you will still see smoothies that contain protein powder I am looking to obtain more protein from the Greek yogurt, instead of from the protein that has tons of other gunk I can't even pronounce in it. The protein powder I use, Deisgner Whey has like 20g of protein for 1 scoop and 2p+, the 1C of Greek yogurt I used in this recipe has 19g of protein and 3p+. I weighed heavily on this decision but decided that since I normally use 2p+ for protein and 1p+ for 1/3C regular yogurt, the 3p+ for Greek was the way to go.

So finally, here's the recipe:

1C minute maid light OJ, 1p+
1C non fat plain greek yogurt, 3p+
1 banana, 0p+
1 mango, chopped, 0p+
6 chunks frozen pineapple, 0p+
2 cups spinach, 0p+

Place ingredients in blender in order shown and blend til smooth. 

Yield: 1 | 4p+


  1. I like the recipes and all, but can you tell me what all the 1p+, 2p+, 3p+...means?

  2. Do you think if you took out the banana that it would taste too much like spinach?

  3. I think that since the mango and pineapple are also sweet, it wouldn't be a big deal to leave out the banana. Let me know how it goes.

  4. I just found this recipe through pinterest. Thank you for posting a smoothie recipe that doesn't have strawberries in it. I was recently put on a restricted diet and have a hard time finding smoothie recipes without forbidden fruits in them. Can't wait to try this one out!

  5. Cool! I will try this tomorrow! Thanks :)

  6. Cool! I will try this tomorrow! Thanks :)

  7. Love it! Sorry to bother u but I dont know what 1C and 1p+ (etc) means?? Thanks!


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