Thursday, May 31, 2012

Nutella Chocolate Decadence

Oh my wow. If you have a chocolate craving, for whatever reason then this is the smoothie for you! Check it.

1 cup 1% milk, 3p+
2T Nutella, 5p+
1/2 cup plain 0% Greek yogurt, 1p+
2T sugar free Hershey's syrup, 1p+
1 banana, 0p+
2T cool whip free, 0p+
5 ice cubes

Layer ingredients in blender in order shown and blend til smooth.

Yield: 1 | 10p+

Now, I know the p+ value of this is kind of high for a breakfast smoothie. But look at it this way, you get in 1 1/2 servings of your dairy and a fruit/veg serving as well. The Hershey's syrup is not really needed as it was crazy chocolatey. The Cool Whip would have been just as delicious on top of the smoothie as it was mixed in.

I have noticed that a lot of people from the Weight Watchers board I frequent are beginning to count calories instead of points. I want to start posting the calories but need to find a reliable source to begin doing it from. So I am working on it and if you are counting calories don't give up on me!!


  1. I love how you have the customized take-away cup for every smoothie you make! :)

  2. Sounds delicious. Ive been looking for nutella smoothies recipes and this is a good one :)


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